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Welcome to the North London Centre of the Caravan Club

We are known as the “Friendly Centre” and that is just what we intend to be. Please look at the rallies we have listed on our rallies page and feel free to join us. You are welcome as a visitor to any rally. We are one of the 69 Caravan Club Centres and as a Member of the Caravan Club you may join us without an additional subscription. Your Joint and Family Members automatically become members as well.  We run a program of rallies all year round, including our Christmas and New Year rallies that are legendary! We also run Holiday rallies which are usually arranged both in the UK and abroad. Please feel free to wander round the site and do drop us a line or come along to one of our rallies…   Click here to view our rally list for 2017 >>>

When you renew your Caravan Club membership each year, you are NOT automatically registered with the North London Centre, even if you pay by direct debit or continuous credit /card payment.

The Caravan Club issued the following statement earlier this year –

If you pay your annual subscription by Continuous Credit Card and the expiry date of the Club Membership has passed, you will be unable to re-register via the website. If you pay by Direct Debit, you will be unable to re-register to the North London Centre via the website once you are within 10 days of your Club Membership expiry date.

To re-register to the North London Centre outside of the above, please call the Contact Centre on 01342 318813 Monday to Friday between 08:45 and 17:30.

If you are registering with the North London Centre for the first time, this can be done in the normal way via the Caravan Club website.

Dont Forget to renew your Centre Registration SocialNetworkpolicy.docx



The Annual General Meeting of the of the North London Centre of the Caravan and Motorhome Club, will be held at 2pm Saturday 13th October 2018 at Nicholas Breakspear School, St Albans.


Any two registered members may propose any registered member to be an officer of the Committee of the Centre to which they are all registered.  Written nominations for election, confirmed by the nominee, the proposer and the seconder, must be received by the Centre Secretary not later than fourteen days before the AGM, 2pm on Saturday 29th September 2018.


Formal notices of motion from registered members, duly signed by the proposer and seconder, must be received in writing by the Centre Secretary not later than 35 days prior to the AGM.


Only members who have registered, or re-registered, with the Centre at least 35 days prior to the date of the meeting are entitled to speak, vote or stand for election.  Those not listed on the AGM report will be unable to speak, vote, stand for election or propose and second candidates for office at the AGM


To ensure inclusion on the nominal and AGM reports, Centre members should ensure they are registered with the Centre.: The nominations rally will now held at The Cock, Broom.

Nominations: If you would like to join our Committee, please complete your nomination forms and send to the centre secretary by 29th September 2018.

FULL: Turkey & Tinsel and the New Year Rally are both full, there is a now a waiting list for both rallies.

Spacing: Please be aware that as a centre and as part of the Caravan Club, Rally Officers will be required to abide by the strict 6meter spacing rule.  Therefore, at some venues the numbers maybe reduce, causing the rallies to fill up quicker.  If you would like to go to a rally please book in early to avoid disappointment.

** AGM 12-14 OCTOBER Spaces Available ***
Rallly Programme

Dickie Whit News,

To receive our weekly newsletter, please email us or text 07930 729165. If you would like to share something, or promote your rally please let us know so we can include it in the news.

*** 26 - 28 Oct HALLOWEEN St Leonards, spaces available ***

Email us:

  Nominations Form   The North London Centre Committee are always looking for new  members, If you are interested please complete the nominations  form and hand it to the centre Secretary.